Hello! I’m fantasy author Sarah Ashwood, and I’m excited to bring you thrilling, romantic fantasy stories full of diverse characters set in our world and worlds beyond. I am the author of Amana (which can be read for free by signing up for my newsletter), Knight’s Rebirth, the Sunset Lands Beyond trilogy, the Beyond the Sunset Lands series, and the Stones of Fire series. I don’t skimp on the romance, but I do keep everything at a PG-13 or less level. So if you enjoy fantasy with romance, romantic fantasy, romantasy, or any combination thereof, you’re bound to find something in my books that you’ll like.

On my About the Author and Links! page you can find links to follow me on any of my social media accounts, sign up for my newsletter, join my Facebook group, and/or follow me on my Amazon author page. Any of these are a great way to keep in touch and see the latest updates on my work. However, I am the most active on Facebook and Tiktok.

For a current list of titles andĀ links to find them, check out theĀ My Books page. Search my Audiobooks page for links to my audiobooks. Stay tuned–I have more in the works!

Use the Contact page (or social media) to stay in touch. I’d love to hear from you. Happy reading!


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